Within vlam · van · an one of our base values is respect for humanity, environment and animals. That is why we take pride in the fact that our products are made out of all renewable products, are 100% plant-based and zero-waste. You can find information about every element in our candles below. Still got questions after reading? No biggie, we will gladly answer your questions! Just email us at: hello@vlamvanan.com or send us a message on Instagram.

All of our candles come in glass containers that are partially made out of recycled glass. Our supplier produces them within Europe and complies with the European quality and warranty norms for glass produced within EU. Next to that we are proud that our supplier employs people with a distance to the labor market and helps them get back on their feet. The lids are made of tinplate and can be recycled according to our local recycling norms in your local glass recycling bin (together with the glass container).

Soy Wax
Our soy wax is produced within the EU under EU norms and commissioned by our Dutch supplier. This way the wax travels minimal miles and we leave our precious Amazone be. Next to that the wax has not been in contact with animals and is not tested on animals. Soy wax is a renewable source and biodegradable. So if you have some wax left you can recycle it with your compostables.

Fragrance Oils
Our Dutch supplier is a small business that does not have profit as their highest priority. They have strict rules about how their plantations treat humans, the environment and animals. They visit their suppliers on a yearly base to check if they still live up so the farmers get the pay they deserve, no harsh chemicals are used to make the oils and animals are not abused in the process. Next to that the oils are all 100% natural and biodegradable.

Our wicks are produced by our German supplier. The wicks are made of 100% cotton that has the European Oekotex 100 quality mark and a thin strip of kraft paper. They are also made without lead. The cotton comes from plantations (in and around Europe) that use the proper employment conditions and value sustainable production. Next to that they are 100% plant-based and free of animal testing. The wick can be tossed with your compostables.

Our labels are made in the UK out of 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper. Next to that it’s 100% vegan friendly. The same goes for the glue and the gloss that is put on top of the paper.

Shipping packaging
All of our packaging we use for shipping is 100% plastic free and recyclable. We mix the use of (recycled) paper and corn based, water soluble packing peanuts. We even go as far as using a stapleless stapler!