Bergamot Grey

From the exclusive Afternoon Tea collection

with notes of  bergamot, black tea, cucumber & amber
burn time: 30-35 hrs.




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Warm your house with this traditional blend of black tea and bergamot, known as Earl Grey. With cucumber we’ve brightened the blend up a bit, yet the amber keeps the warmth of this classic blend alive. As I -Anna- drink Earl Grey multiple times a day, this scent is closest to my heart.

For so many people tea has a connection to tradition, comfort and family moments. At home we had the tradition that each day after we got home from school we’d drink tea together. I’ll never forget pouring with the heavy tea pot and choosing goodies out of our old round cookie tin. We’d talk about what we did that day or things that were on our mind. I’ve kept these afternoon tea moments so close to my heart and thats why I wanted to create a collection around the wonderful scent of tea.

Choosing soy wax means you get a longer, cleaner burn and you’re making a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your home + our beautiful planet.

Weight 340 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6.2 cm





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