Custom Stamped Greeting Card


Let us stamp a card with the text that fits the occasion exactly right.

Size: 140 x 140 mm



With this greeting card you can literally choose what it says on the front. This way you can personalize your greeting cards and make them say just the right things for your special occasion.

How does it work?
1. Put this product in your cart;
2. At check out, let us know what you would want the card to say in the ‘order notes’ textbox that you can find right under your contact information*;
3. Sending the package right to the receiver? You can also leave a note of what you want it to say on the inside of the card. We’ll print that out on a sticker and place it inside the card*;
3. Check out as normal and we’ll get to work!

* Available special characters are: Æ å ç é ø ô ö ü ! . , # and/or @. Maximum characters on the front of the card are 50 and inside of the card 250.We are not responsable for any faults in the text you’ve provided us, for example in mistakes in spelling and/or grammar etc.

We’ll contact you via e-mail when we have any questions regarding the information you’ve send us. This could lead to some delays regarding to day of shipment so please make sure you place your order in time so you’ll be sure the card will arrive in time. Please refer to our privacy policy below for questions about how we handle your given information.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 14 × 14 cm


Zero Waste



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