When shopping for candles the most common things people think about are a lovely fragrance and a look that fits your home. Yet considering the kind of wax is also surprisingly important when making your choice. There are loads of different waxes to choose from in this world yet we at vlam · van · an choose to work exclusively with 100% soy bean wax. Just because it’s has so much beautiful properties!

Here are our top 7 reasons why:

1. Renewable Source & Environmentally Friendly
Soy wax is made out of pure soy beans so it’s a renewable source. This means that we can’t run out of it because it’s made out something we can replace. Parrafin wax (most commonly used candle wax) is derived out of petroleum, coal or shale oil. Which we all know we’re running out off and isn’t contributing to a healthy planet.
Plus, the soy we use is made in Europe by EU standards (aka leaving our precious rainforests be). So choosing a soy wax candle gives EXTRA tranquillity because you know that it’s kind to our world.

2. Biodegradable
If you recycle soy wax the right way (which means disposing of it with your compost) it will blend back in with the earth as if it was never there. This means you can literally give it back to the planet and it won’t take hundreds of years before it’s gone.

3. 100% Natural
Soy wax is only made out of natural products, meaning literally just boring old soy beans. This is beneficial because it won’t irritate your skin or respiratory tract because of sketchy chemicals.

4. Longer Burn
Soy bean wax burns for about 50% longer than most commonly used waxes. So yeah, simply said: you just get more for your hard earned money.

5. Plant-based & Animal Friendly
Animals are one of the things we care deeply for at vlam · van · an (follow us on instagram to get the proof). So making sure our candles don’t harm these precious friends (+ our planet!) our soy wax is 100% plant-based and not tested on animals in any part of the production process. We’ve gotta look out for the ones that can’t speak for their selfs, you know?

6. Easy & Clean
Soy wax washes away like it’s nothing when you use a bit of washing up liquid and warm water. This just makes it easy to work with plus we safely protect our studio (and your homes) against the clumsy ones (aka Anna). Plus, when it gets in you clothes you can easily trow it in the washing machine and it will come out like nothing ever happened.

7. Cleaner Air
Candles made with soy wax don’t release toxins, carcinogens or pollutants that can trigger allergies when burned. So if you are sensitive to unclean things flouting around in the room, soy bean wax is your friend!

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